Before you begin the application please prepare the the documents listed below to the best of your ability. We understand that some documents are sometimes difficult to obtain. however in order to have a quicker and smoother process we recommend that you submit as much documents as you can prior to your meeting with the Beth Din. 



  1. Birth certificates of both the bride and groom and their mothers

  2. Ketuba of parents (Jewish marriage certificate issued by a Rabbi)

  3. Marriage certificate of parents

  4. (In case of second marriage) Gett certificate or Death certificate

  5. Confirmation of Single Status for the bride & groom by two Jewish persons not related to the bride & groom, also, the two witnesses should not be related to each-other (The witnesses may be called for an interview, provide a copy of the witness’s drivers licence)

Jewish Status Verification for an Individual

Pre-Marriage Jewish Status Verification for a Couple