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Under the auspices of Rabbi Ulman JewishStatus.org is recognised by the Chef Rabbinate of Israel to assists people around the world to investigate and establish their Jewish identity with dignity and honour. 

Getting married?

Jewishstatus.org wishes you Mazel Tov and prays that you build a fine home, filled with joy and happiness in accordance with the teachings of Judaism. 
One of the important Rabbinical tasks in preparation for marriage is to indeed confirm the Jewish status of the bride and groom. This task is undertaken by the Dayanim so that your status and Jewish wedding can be recognised around the world and in particular by the Chief Rabbinate in Israel. 
Please complete and submit this application for authorisation for marriage together with an application fee of on payment of $360.
Upon receipt of your documentation and payment the secretary will contact you to make an appointment for an interview If you need any assistance please feel free to email rabbifried@jewishstatus.org

DNA & Jewish Status



As a rule, DNA tests cannot be utilized to determine a person’s Jewish status. The reason for this is because almost all of a person’s DNA is inherited from both parents.

However, there is one type of DNA, known as mitochondrial DNA, that is passed exclusively from mother to off- spring. It is unclear whether mitochon- drial testing may play a role in birur yaha- dus. Extensive research is presently being done in this field, following the guidance of halachic experts.

Even if it will be concluded that mito- chondrial testing may be employed, it certainly cannot be relied upon alone. At most, a Beis Din can use this method to “tip the scale” in a case where a person’s Jewish status is in doubt.

(an excerpt from the compass magazine)